About Mai Colachi

Mai Colachi is a casual dining restaurant in an upscale setting that celebrates the eclectic and inspirational culture of Pakistan. Playing on the unique and diverse traditions of its namesake city, Karachi, Mai Colachi offers a colorful variety of spices, from mild to hot. Our kitchen embraces a worldly variety of spices, herbs, red meats, poultry, seafood, bread, and biryani—all of which come together on hot charcoal, sizzling grills, and aromatic ovens.

COLACHI (Kolachi) was a port located in modern Karachi and the old name of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. According to legends, it was a port developed when an old fisherwoman by the name of Mai Kolachi settled near the delta of the Indus River to start a community. One of the main Flyover (overpass) in Karachi has been named after Mai Kolachi. This settlement was also known as "Mai Kolachi jo Goth" or "the village of the Mai Kolachi"